Dispute 'Resolved' But Job Cuts Continue

Posted in Off The Rails's blog on Tue, 21/09/2021 - 12:36,
staff shortage

TSSA has sent out a communication to members to say that its dispute over the Special Voluntary Severance Scheme is 'resolved'. The union says, "our brilliant reps have been able to secure some significant commitments ... These include the right of an individual to request a review of any rejected SVSS application; joint discussion on the impact of SVSS; meaningful consultation ahead of any organisational change".

TSSA's dispute was always more about how the redundancies were made; it never objected to the loss of jobs per se. Now it is pleased that NR is making it easier for people to leave if they want to and that people can appeal if their request for redundancy is turned down.

TSSA is failing to see the bigger picture here. whether voluntary or compulsory, more redundancies means fewer jobs, fewer people employed in this relatively well paid industry (usually above poverty wages), fewer people doing tasks that are essential for safety, higher workload, a more stressful and discriminatory workplace.

Our Unions really need to be saying no to the job cuts.

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