RMT calls strikes of drivers on Night Tube lines

Posted in Tubeworker's blog on Tue, 16/11/2021 - 18:38,
Night Tube

RMT has called strikes in its dispute to stop the consolidation of train operator grades. LU wants to merge the Night Tube duties, currently worked by a dedicated grade of driver, into the full-time rosters, offering full-time drivers a shift supplement to work them.

Although part-time drivers currently in the role can retain their working hours if they want to, once those drivers move on (e.g., move into a full-time role or leave the job), those positions will be deleted, leading to fewer opportunities to move into the driving grade for workers who need part-time/Night Tube hours.

And of course, the imposition of night working, plus additional extreme shifts, will damage work/life balance and increase fatigue for full-time drivers.

So all in all, it's very much a good thing that RMT has named strikes to resist this! The action involves striking on all Night Tube duties from the reintroduction of the service on 27 November until 18 December, with full 24-hour strikes on 26 November and 18 December.

Details are below, and can also be found on the RMT website here. See you on the picket lines!

Train operators and instructor operators on Central, Victoria, Jubilee, Northern, and Piccadilly lines not to book on for any shift starting:

  • between 04:30 on 26/11/21 and 04:29 on 27/11/21
  • Further all train operator and instructor operators working on the Central and Victoria lines are instructed not to book on for any duty commencing:

  • between 20:30 on 27/11/21 and 04:29 on 28/11/21
  • between 20:30 on 3/12/21 and 04:29 on 4/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 4/12/21 and 04:29 on 5/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 10/12/21 and 04:29 on 11/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 11/12/21 and 04:29 on 12/12/21
  • between 20:30 on 17/12/21 and 04:29 on 18/12/21
  • between 04:30 on 18/12/21 and 04:29 on 19/12/21
  • All train operator and instructor operators working on night-tube lines (Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly & Victoria) are also instructed not to book on for any duty commencing from 04:30 on 18/12/21 to 04:29 19/12/21.

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