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Submitted by USRed on Fri, 24/07/2015 - 23:29

I thought this was the main social-welfare group in Greece:

I agree that McDonnell's politics are better than Corbyn's. My point was that, unless we assume that Corbyn simply doesn't know what he's talking about regarding H & H, he says what he says because he thinks it's the only way that will lead to a reasonably just version of the "two-state solution."

And he probably knows that, like it or not (I don't), most Gazans don't see an alternative to Hamas, and I suspect he thinks that to criticize them harshly would effectively be telling most Gazans "you're making the wrong political choice." (See:… )

I'm not saying I agree with this logic. But I've encountered it before. It's the "don't tell oppressed people who they may or may not identify with as their political representatives, defenders, etc." position.

Arguing with people who embrace this logic can be a very exhausting experience.

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