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Submitted by John D on Sun, 26/07/2015 - 17:29

I posted twice under AWL Campaigns "Right to Strike". AWL does not have a general purpose section where "other" topics can be posted and it seemed both the most appropriate place and timely.
The point was that AWL maybe has a strong position on worker's solidarity, but it maybe stops at the Israel line. Not a comment anywhere from any worker's organization on what was a pure, unpolitical class issue. A worker's fight carried out alone. Where were you?
Did you notice the weasel word "maybe", Daniel. No, the Palestinian political representation was not "maybe" aggressive. They were so threatening that the police advised the Israeli support group that their safety could not be assured. They were chased out by tolerated thugs from a union event. The thugs celebrated by taking over the vacated position. And nobody raised an eyebrow.
The deep animus you feel for things Israeli, as expressed in your terminology (obscene, etc.) gives ground for thought. Certainly people like me are a bit frightened by it. Are you against non-union political presence at union events, or not? Or is there one rule for side A and another for side B. Are you for all worker's solidarity, or only those you approve of.
Taken all together, another blow against the Israeli left.
Certainly you have twittered a lot about "worker's solidarity". Would it not be better for AWL's worker's solidarity to be inclusive?

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