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Submitted by martin on Tue, 18/06/2019 - 21:41

Zinoviev's attack on Lukacs at the Fifth Congress:

Comrade Graziadei, in Italy, published a book containing a reprint of the articles he wrote, when he was a Social-Democratic revisionist, attacking Marxism. This theoretical revisionism cannot be allowed to pass with impunity. Neither will we tolerate our Hungarian Comrade Lukacs, doing the same in the domain of philosophy and sociology. I have received a letter from Comrade Rudas, one of the leaders of this fraction. He explains that he intended to oppose Lukacs, but the fraction forbade him to do so; thereupon he left the fraction because he could not see Marxism watered down. Well done, Rudas! We have a similar tendency in the German Party. Comrade Graziadei is a professor, Korsch is also a professor— (Interruptions: “Lukacs is also a professor!”). If we got a few more of these professors spinning out their Marxist theories, we shall be lost. We cannot tolerate such theoretical revisionism of this kind in our Communist International.

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