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Submitted by Bernard Bortnick (not verified) on Wed, 02/12/2020 - 18:51

Working class solidarity is the fundamental issue. That solidarity must be based upon not only perception, but the discipline behind the perception. To take examples from history. The discipline behind the bourgeois overthrow of feudalism was the conscious knowledge that they owned productive property and the command over labor power in the form of payment of wages. The feudal lords could not overcome that power. Similarly what gave the feudal lords the power to resist capitalism was their knowledge of control over the landed estates and the serfs they commanded. In both cases the power behind these contending classes was not only their ownership but the discipline that knowledge imparted. It constituted power and unity. The working class owns nothing but its ability to sell labor power for wages. What is needed is the unity of the working class and the discipline must be more than the will and commitment to unity. The present capitalist unions - virtually all of them - are dominated by capitalist thinking - "a fair days wage for a fair days work". This is the main problem facing the working class. The original IWW of 1905 was on the right track until "the bummery" took it over.

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