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Submitted by edward (not verified) on Sat, 17/10/2020 - 11:48

thank you, workers liberty. i am a working class rural virginian who has lived and worked a long lifetime (living and working long and hard and well enough to have a managed a way to retire from daily work). my husband and i never owned home. we were able to purchase a house to end our lives in a even more rural area of Virginia than where we worked: retiring - on fixed income in a high-rent area was impossible to consider. I have found productive ways to raise vegetables in the small place we now own. we are finding new friends, some who have 'trump 2020' signs in their yards and some with manifold 'biden-harris' signs, 'black lives matter signs', etc. we are able to talk with anyone to learn about who they are and share who we are: an old married man-man couple (that is still novel to many.

what does that self-reflection have to do with this piece: i appear to have a naif working class 'common' sense that many american elites who call themselves 'socialists' do not have or desire to have. in fact for decades when i brought up ideas for ways to meet and ally with working class folks, particularly rural working class folks, the ideas were struck down as 'we don't have that much time or resources', 'we are focusing on other things' ("other things, than working class people", I would say?). more recently - another reason that we moved from charlotesville virginia (famous to some because of the university (a particularly good medical school, now, which is where I worked), thomas jefferson (for all his flaws an insightful strategic thinker, with also some valuable political ideas), or recent mass racial violence (that many regard to be catalyzed by perfectly ridiculous Democratic 'progressives' in elected and appointed office in the city).

American 'progressives' in most of my experience, distantly and currently, have no common sense at all: no alertness to what are very much, and what are not very much, concerns, issues, and problems of working class folks. such 'progressives' - many who now call themselves 'socialists' - especially, or very much especially, exclude working class rural people from their concern, making the absurd observation that 'rural people are White' (wrong!, particularly in rural American south; yes, they are that deluded to make such an observation!) ; and often adding to that observation that 'we don't care about them' (how about that for abandoning working classes!).

i have had a 'feeling' that my 'trip' of a lifetime - and for which I had actually been saving money, and trying to find way to support myself to go - might be to visit and live a while in Armenia. i don't really know why. it is probably just a romantic idea. i spend/spent lots of time with buddhists: perhaps they are right about reincarnation and i have some sentiment about Armenia for that reason.

so, thank you for saying what's what and what's not in this piece about how ideological frameworks can avoid, or suffocate, analyses that arise in the common sense of working folks. please continue to know and listen well to the common sense of working class folks.


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