Greece 2012-2014


Views and Reports From the Greek Left

Pamphlet Cover "Greece 2012-2014: Views and Reports From the Greek Left"
various authors
61 pages

A Syriza-majority government taking office inspired leftists across Europe, although it eventually implemented austerity. This pamphlet presents interviews and discussions with many groups in the Greek left and labour movement in the run up, plus an article from January 2015 by Greek socialist Theodora Polenta, explaining the new political crisis there.


After the failure of Greece's conservative party, New Democracy (ND), to elect a new president in late 2014, new elections were held. Polls in the run up to the showed that the left party, Syriza, which lost the June 2012 election was well ahead of ND. Syriza and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) between them won a parliamentary majority on 25 January.

Across Europe leftists saw hope as the Greek Left surged and attempted to take on the capitalist crisis that had befallen the country with hope of an anti-austerity government. Eventually the Syriza-majority government adopted austerity measures as part of a bailout deal with the EU and IMF.

This pamphlet from that time on Syriza, the revolutionary left and the class struggle in Greece. It presents interviews and discussions with many different groups in the Greek left and labour movement, plus an editorial article from 7 January 2015, by Greek socialist Theodora Polenta, explaining the political crisis there.

Table of Contents
  • Timeline
  • Help the Greek Left Deny the Banks! (2015)
  • The Greek Left Takes Stock (July 2013)
  • Visiting the Greek Left (July 2013)
  • Discussing ODKE (2013)
  • Greece: The Simmering Revolt- Including:
    • Interview with Syriza Economist John Milios
    • Self-organisation for Workers' Power?
    • The Rise of the Neo-nazis
    • Syriza Wants to Make Itself a Mass Party
    • The Trotskyists in Syriza
    • “We Must End This Memorandum”: The Thessaloniki Unions
    • Building the Self-organisation of the Movement: OKDE
    • “To Build a Revolutionary Marxist Current...”
    • Quit the EU? Diversion, or Necessary Step?
    • Conversation with Xekinima
    • “Antarsya Proposes an Anti-capitalist Programme”
    • “A Revolution is Very Imminent” (EEK)
    • “Stop Dreaming About Elections...”: OKDE-Spartakos
    • The Greek Trotskyists: a sketch outline
    • A Left Government in Greece? Lessons from Trotsky

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