1917 was a revolution, not a coup

The British Trotskyist group Socialist Resistance has published a book, October 1917 — Workers in Power (Merlin 2016), which defends the key decisions of the Bolsheviks, while making some reasonable criticisms of the regime created after the civil war. The collection of essays is useful in many respects, but feels somewhat stale and has a number of notable gaps. A centre-piece of the book is Ernest Mandel’s essay, October 1917: Coup d’etat or social revolution? Mandel, who died in 1995, did a good job explaining why the Bolsheviks had won majority support among workers (and indeed wide...

Healy's WRP: the inside story

The Workers Revolutionary Party was the largest group on the revolutionary left until the mid-1970s, and a sizeable force until it collapsed in 1985. Here, Richard Price, a former member of the WRP, reviews Come The Revolution: A Memoir, by Alex Mitchell. Mitchell was the editor of the WRP paper from the early 1970s until 1985. He quit politics without explanation in 1986, returned to his native Australia, and made a career in mainstream journalism. Now Mitchell has written an autobiography. In October 1985 the Workers Revolutionary Party split explosively, amid allegations of sexual abuse of...

The ABCs of socialism today: an outline of the basics

Why the Working Class is Central Trotsky Taught Us Class Action What is Leninism? What is Trotskyism? Leon Trotsky: A Life For Socialism — October 1879 - August 21 1940 October 1917: Revolution for Freedom In Equality An Eye-Witness Account of the October Revolution (HD) October Was a True Working Class Revolution How the Communist Parties became “frontier guards of the USSR” The Nature of Stalinist Imperialism (HD) Stalinism and Bolshevism (LT) What a Revolutionary Party Must Be and What It Must Do Trotskyism: The Fragmented Tradition (SM) What the Alliance For Workers' Liberty Is For (SM)

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