After Corbynism: building a new left

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At ‘After Corbynism: building a new left’ we will discuss the politics of how we can rebuild a workers’ movement which fights for a world based on solidarity, real democracy, and equality.

The dayschool is a hybrid event. It will be held on 27 November from 11.30-5.30pm at Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, London NW5 2DB and you will also be able to attend online. Tickets are £2-20. Online tickets just £5. All tickets can be purchased here in advance. They can also be purchased on the door and on the day.

The Covid pandemic has highlighted, and exacerbated, deep inequalities in our society. The Tory government is ramping up its nationalist rhetoric against migrants, whilst seeking new clampdowns on the right to protest.

Globally, the devastating impacts of climate change, stemming from capitalism’s drive for profit, loom large.

The great promise of left-wing change, opened by the election of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party leadership did not lead to the rebuilding of the UK labour movement. Yet there is resistance. NHS and local government workers have rejected proposed pay deals and plan strike ballots. Railway and cleaning workers in Scotland plan strikes around the COP26 climate conference.

What next for the left?



• Trans rights: struggle and backlash The Tories want to stoke a right-wing “culture war” backlash against trans rights. Some on the left and in the labour movement are on the offensive against trans rights. How can advocates of trans equality fight back?
Speakers: Alice Hazel, Labour Party activist in Sheffield and Martha Smith, Labour Party activist.
(Main Hall)

• China in the world; democracy and class struggle Where is the Chinese state headed, and how can we support workers and oppressed peoples struggling for freedom in China, including Xinjiang/East Turkestan, Hong Kong, and Tibet?
Speakers: Pete Radcliff, Labour Movement Solidarity with Hong Kong, Chris, a long-standing Hong Kong socialist activist and Chan Ying, a socialist from Hong Kong.
(Classroom S6)

• What should socialists do in the unions? Workplace and union struggles are of particular importance for socialists. This session will discuss how we can develop a rank-and-file approach to our activity there.
(Classroom S7)

2:30-3:30: Introductory sessions
These shorter sessions aim to be a bite-sized introduction to key issues.

• Why the working class? What is “the working class”, and why do socialists see it, rather than concepts like “the people”, as the key agency for change?
(Main Hall)

• Israel/Palestine 101. A brief introduction to the history of Israel/Palestine, and a discussion of how socialists can contribute to struggles against occupation and for equality.
(Classroom S6)

• Marxism and anarchism. This session will discuss the shared features, and key differences, between Workers’ Liberty’s socialism and the politics of anarchism.
(Classroom S7)

• The class struggle in India We are honoured to be joined by Indian labour activist Nodeep Kaur for a discussion of class struggle in India, one year on from the start of the farmers’ protests.
(Main Hall).
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• Who’s afraid of “Critical Race Theory”? “Critical Race Theory” looms large in the imagination of the right-wing-driven culture war, but what is it, and what can it teach us? Speaker: Sara Lee, Workers’ Liberty
(Classroom S6)

• After COP 26: next steps for the climate movement A discussion of how socialists can contribute to building ongoing climate struggles, and win hegemony for class-struggle, anti-capitalist politics within them. Including report backs from the mobilisations in Glasgow and elsewhere.
(Classroom S7)

5:05-5:30: Plenary session
Building a new left How can ongoing struggles - over workers’ rights, the climate, and more - be threaded together to help the building of a new class-struggle left, capable of becoming a genuine force in society?
Speakers: John Moloney, Assistant General Secretary, PCS union; Vicki Morris, Workers’ Liberty activist, reporting from the COP26 mobilisation; Julia Veros Gonzalez, care worker and UVW union activist
(Main Hall)

All ticket holders (both in-person and online) will be sent Zoomlinks before the event.

If attending in person we ask you to: take a Lateral Flow Test before attending, wear a mask indoors, and observe social distancing.

For queries please contact or 020 7394 8923

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