Survey: student militancy, South Africa, the "Perdition" affair

Submitted by martin on 23 April, 2011 - 3:33

Simon Pottinger on 'A wave of student militancy':

From France to China to Spain to Mexico to Kazakhstan, big student mobilisations over the system of university entrance (France, Spain), democracy and press freedom (China, Kazakhstan), and fee rises (Mexico).

Tom Rigby on South Africa:

Trade union strength roughly doubling in South Africa, over the two and a half years from September 1984 to early 1987.

John O'Mahony on "Perdition":

"I think Jim Allen's play Perdition, about the massacre of the Jews of Hungary in 1944, should be produced. Those Jews who have campaigned against its being produced are wrong in principle and shortsighted in practice... That said, the ballyhoo about the 'suppression' of Perdition is disingenuous... It has not been banned... in fact it has been assured a greater audience... In the play, the demonology of present-day Israel, read backwards into history as the demonology of Zionism, wipes out everything else... alleging that 'Zionism', with something like five million Jews already dead, needed the corpses of a million more Jews in Hungary to help it strengthen the moral case for setting up Israel after the war..."

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