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Submitted by SJW on 2 April, 2018 - 12:05 Author: Abroad Organisation Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan (Iraq)

Urgent action to all Trade union & Left organisations

Re: Urgent action Against KRG

Dear Sir or Madam:

The political situation in Iraqi Kurdistan is deteriorating day by day. Kurdistan Regional Government announced in early 2016 that it would cut government employee salaries by 15 to 75 percent, depending on position and salary bracket, as part of austerity measures to deal with the ongoing economic crisis.

Kurdish public servants protested across the Kurdistan Region against KRG austerity measures and salary delays. Salaries and wages have not been paid for months. Electricity, clean water, health care, social services and other public services are far from reach for the masses.

To oppose this and to better their life conditions, people have demonstrated in many cities and towns over the week .The protesters are protesting against cut government employee salaries, payment withholding system and salary delays across the Kurdistan Region calling for the full payment of state salaries.

Instead of meeting their demands, the authorities have been assaulting, beating.injures arrested and detained demonstrates .also journalists have been detained and opened fire on the demonstrators and used tear gas to part and frighten people.

According to the news 20,000 Militia forces were deployed in Erbil and Duhok in an attempt to crush the protests.

The PUK and KDP are the cause of people’s hunger, poverty and misery. They act as a despotic authority, and oppress and killed demonstrators on the streets in the past.

We ask you to write a Urgent action calling on the KRG to:

1-Immediate release of the detained activists and protesters.
2. Prosecute those who harassed protesters.
3-Pay all unpaid wages to the workers in Iraqi Kurdistan
4-Do not cut the wages of the workers;
5- The right to found independent workers organisations in Iraqi Kurdistan
6- The right to strike, protest and demonstrate for all workers in Iraqi Kurdistan.
7- Bread, work, wages and freedom for working people in Kurdistan
8- Dissolve the new measures reducing wages in Iraqi Kurdistan

Abroad Organisation
Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan (Iraq)

Please send your protest letter to KRG for them to meet the above demands.

KRG UK Address: 50 Broadway, Westminster, London SW1H 0RG

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