Solidarity with Bookmarks - from three AWL comrades hassled at 'Marxism 2018'

Submitted by AWL on 13 August, 2018 - 3:06
The stall, turned over

Dear SWP,

We are Workers' Liberty supporters who ran a stall at 'Marxism 2018' last month.

We read about and watched the video of the far-right invasion of your bookshop Bookmarks on Saturday, and are writing to express our solidarity.

When the far right attacks anyone in the labour movement or left, we must all rally round. And the attack on Bookmarks shows the need for us all to get better prepared for self defence, as well as organising to defeat and marginalise the far right.

None of that is changed at all by our note of concern: namely, the fact that only at few weeks ago at 'Marxism 2018' SWP members trashed our stall and harassed our comrades. See here. We have still not had a reply to the letter we sent you about this.

To triumph over the nationalists, the left must be consistent in its defence of free speech and deal with differences in its own ranks by debate, not violence or harassment.

Solidarity again.

Yours for socialism,

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