Editorials: 1. The Road to Peace. 2. No, we are not beaten!

Submitted by martin on 22 April, 2011 - 3:21

The road to peace:

"Negotiations are once more under way on arms control. Anything that lessens the danger of nuclear conflict is to be welcomed. But nothing agreed between the superpowers merits the trust of socialists... The real road to peace lies not in negotiation between capitalist and bureaucratic imperialists, but in the direction of consistent democracy in international affairs and the overthrow of the imperialists by the working class, East and West..."

No, we are not beaten!

"Have the Tories seen off the British working class? They think so; and they can make an impressive case... The working class has suffered severe defeats... Structural changes in the workforce have weakened the labour movement... The new sections of the working class have the same bread-and-butter needs for militancy as the old sections... [but] they need bold leadership to galvanise them and are demoralised by timidity..."

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