Elect Pat Murphy as NUT deputy general secretary

Submitted by cathy n on 6 January, 2015 - 11:18

Workers' Liberty member Patrick Murphy is standing for Deputy General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers, in a ballot running from 6-26 January.

Patrick is standing for a radically different vision of how the union should be run, one where the union is controlled from the workplace. He is calling for workplace branches to form part of the NUT structure, and for one union for all school workers.

Teachers are facing the worst attacks in a generation, and the leadership of the NUT has not led a campaign that was serious in making the government back down. Patrick calls for positive demands, such as an immediate £2000 increase for all teachers, a national contract to apply to all state funded schools (including academies), and a limit on classroom hours with at least 20% planning and preparation time.

Patrick is also part of the Local Associations National Action Campaign (LANAC), a delegate based organisation which argues for a different strategy in the union and organises for it on the ground.

Vote Patrick #1 and Kevin Courtney #2.

Click here to download leaflet as pdf.

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