Workers' Liberty 12/13, August 1989: contents

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WL 12-13

The road to Tienanmen Square: Workers and Students in China, by Jack Cleary

In defence of the French revolution, by Martin Thomas

Social Democracy goes Thatcherite: Kinnock and the market, by Ruth Cockroft

New Times or class struggle: Debate between Socialist Organiser and Marxism Today: Alan Johnson and Mark Perryman

Which class rules in the USSR? A debate on the character of the Soviet Union: Robert Brenner, Oliver Macdonald, Torab Saleh, Frank Furedi, Martin Thomas

C L R James: an obituary by Sean Matgamna

The other Israeli: Adam Keller speaks to Workers' Liberty

Class, culture, and Stalinism: Rachel Lever on art and the Russian revolution

Is Scotland a colony? by Stan Crooke

Escaping an historical trap: Clare Short MP talks to Workers' Liberty on Ireland

Desmond Greaves, 1913-1988: obituary by Sean Matgamna

The working class in the second Chinese revolution, by Elisabeth Millward

A Chinese Marxist in the 1920s: reminiscences by Wang Fan-hsi

Trotskyism versus Stalinism in the Chinese revolution, by Wang Fan-hsi

Short survey pieces on: strikes in Stalinist and ex-Stalinist states; Rushdie; EU; Dock Labour scheme scrapped; more on USSR strikes; strikes in UK; abortion rights in USA; world economy; British economy; Scottish left and Assembly; independent union in China.

Reviews: Rushdie, Austen Morgan, Mandel, P J O'Rourke

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