The pro-Farage “left”

Submitted by AWL on 1 May, 2019 - 12:32 Author: Ralph Peters
Farage Galloway

On 17 April, George Galloway declared his support for Nigel Farage and his newly formed Brexit Party.

Farage is a former Tory, then Ukip leader. He is vehemently anti-migrant. He has called for the NHS to be replaced by “social insurance”, for laws against discrimination at work to be repealed, and for millions of public sector jobs to be cut.

Claire Fox, Alka Sehgal Cuthburt, and James Heartfield have been announced as Farage party candidates. They are figures round the online magazine Spiked!, the “legacy” operation of the “Revolutionary Communist Party” of 1978-97. Frank Furedi, the best-known leader of the Spiked!-RCP operation, has tweeted his support for Farage.

Spiked! is funded by the multi-billionaire Koch brothers, who also fund union-busting activity in the US and a fair few Tory ERG Brexiters such as Steven Baker.

It has been a big factor in the “Full Brexit” operation, along with people like Blue Labour founder Maurice Glasman, who argued for welcoming EDL people into Labour.

Chelley Ryan, a prolific and popular pro-Corbyn tweeter in her own name and for the social media Facebook page Red Labour (and a contributor to the Morning Star), has given a half-endorsement, tweeting that she wants “the Brexit party to contain diverse voices from left and right so it’s not just the Farage show”.

This is a new stage in the development of a political trend which calls itself left-wing, but sees working-class interests and working-class unity as no significant factor.

Instead it looks to nationalist politics which are, or can be construed as, anti “establishment”.

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