TDL couriers turn tide

Submitted by AWL on 20 June, 2019 - 8:29 Author: Alex Marshall, TDL courier and IWGB rep
TDL strike

Twelve months of negotiating. The IWGB’s “Rise of the precarious workers” demonstration descending on TDL’s headquarters doorstep. Demonstrating outside the company Christmas party they weren’t invited to. A two day strike that included a motorbike procession to prestigious clients in the Harley Street area and temporary occupation of the company loading bay. Amazing speakers on the picket line including Owen Jones, Dave “Blacklist” Smith and Dr Louise Irvine and support from clients, entrepreneurs and heavyweights like the ITF. And finally on Friday a breakthrough for the unionised medical couriers at TDL!

In negotiations on Friday between the IWGB and TDL, the threat of more industrial action from a workforce that is more united than ever proved too much for TDL. After stonewalling their couriers reasonable requests for improvements in working conditions for the last six months, senior management arrived at negotiations with a revised pay proposal.

The revised proposal offers couriers guaranteed hours (there was a threat of zero hours before), enhanced pay for night work, vehicles and petrol for PAYE staff (who were previously providing their own equipment), a six month review of conditions, and an annual pay review, amongst other things.

In a precarious industry where workers are notoriously mistreated, where wages have stagnated for decades, where death is a genuine daily threat, and where workers thought things would things would only get worse, these unionised couriers have breathed hope and shown that by coming together they can turn the tides.

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