Make Labour abolish academies!

Submitted by martin on 8 October, 2019 - 6:21 Author: Colin Foster

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Labour Party conference in Brighton (21-25 September) voted to: "Ensure Local Authorities establish reformed, democratically accountable local education committees… Ensure all publicly funded schools be brought back under the control of these new local education committees".

Sharper wording had been lost in the compositing, but the clear intention is: bring back all academies and free schools under local authorities.

As with some other left-wing policies, however, it looks like the leadership deliberately avoided argument on conference floor so as not to draw attention to it, let it go through "quietly", and plans to "forget" it.

There has been little media coverage, not much more than one article in the *Times Educational Supplement*.

And there was not a word on the issue in the conference speech by shadow education minister Angela Rayner.

Moves are afoot for an alliance of "Labour for X" campaign groups to push for conference policies to go into the manifesto, and the alliance should also take up this issue.

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