More Brexit means more US-type capitalism

Submitted by AWL on 6 October, 2020 - 10:48 Author: Colin Foster
Johnson and Trump

New UK-EU talks on Brexit are due to run through the week starting 5 October, and prime minister Boris Johnson says he wants a deal outlined by 15 October.

That looks unlikely. The EU has already started suing Britain for legislating to break the Withdrawal Agreement previously signed with the EU. Big gaps remain between the UK and the EU on Northern Ireland, on state-aid rules, and on fishing.

The Tories say that they are happy with a “no deal” Brexit as fallback — meaning, in fact, a period of chaos following by a scramble for new trade deals, especially with the USA.

Their basic drive is to shift Britain more towards the modes of Trump’s USA: focused on building “walls” of one sort or another against other countries, vicious against migrants and asylum-seekers, reducing social protections.

Solidarity has always opposed Brexit, and continues to oppose it. But right now the labour movement should protest against either a “no deal” Brexit, or a hurried-last-minute-deal Brexit, being rammed through for 31 December, at a time when virus worries are high, economic chaos is high, and proper democratic scrutiny is difficult.

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