Deliveroo workers strike again

Submitted by AWL on 13 October, 2020 - 3:05 Author: Michael Elms
Deliveroo workers

Deliveroo workers in the IWGB union in Sheffield have voted to take two days of industrial action on 14-15 October, as they continue to push Deliveroo nationally on pay and unfair sackings.

Following several weeks of boycotts and organising in Sheffield, the union is continuing to grow. And now, workers from nearby towns have reached out to the Sheffield union branch.

A group of drivers in Barnsley have been in contact and report that they are now discussing action on parking fines and low pay. In neighbouring Penistone, food couriers have taken inspiration from the fight in Sheffield, and are discussing taking organised action against a local restaurant with a bullying manager. They also complain of low pay from delivery platforms.

As well as low pay and disrespect from restaurant managers, unfair dismissals are a major issue for couriers. Deliveroo and other apps have no dismissals process. Couriers can be terminated from the app following a single anonymous complaint.

Sheffield driver Khalid Kalil has been campaigning (with the help of the union and Labour MP Gill Furniss) to get his job back after just such one anonymous complaint resulted in his termination with no warning. He also was obliged to launch a crowdfunding appeal to keep his partner and three children from eviction.

The appeal originally asking for £500 to cover this month’s rent. The response from the local labour movement and others on social media was overwhelming, swiftly raising £2,000.

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