Activist agenda: Labour Party conference motions and Momentum

Submitted by AWL on 16 March, 2021 - 5:11
Labour Party conference

Campaigns usually featured in this column such as the Labour Campaign for Free Movement, the Uyghur Solidarity Campaign, the Hong Kong campaign LMSHKUK, and Free Our Unions, have put motions into the “policy primary” being run by the left-Labour group Momentum. Momentum is due to publish its “shortlisted motions” on 18 March, and then ballot members on them Wednesday 24 March to Monday 29 March. The Momentum National Coordinating Group decides which ones to prioritise in early September. Labour’s deadline for motions for its conference (25-29 September) is 13 September, but the deadline for delegate elections and rule-change submissions is on 11 June.

• All links and info on those and other campaigns, and suggested words for labour-movement motions on many issues, here

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