Activist agenda: Safe and Equal calls protest

Submitted by AWL on 27 April, 2021 - 7:42
Safe and Equal poster

In the week 1-7 May, Safe and Equal and the PCS civil service workers’ union are jointly calling for protests demanding full sick pay for all. This is a central demand for controlling the spread of Covid by supporting workers to self-isolate when they should. They want people to use a poster at work places, in union meetings, with their friends and family, to show support, and to share pictures online of gatherings with the poster. Other actions proposed are raising the issue in your union branch, or helping another workplace or group of workers if yours already has full sick pay.

The Uyghur Solidarity Campaign has put out a statement — “Recognise the genocide, but don’t rely on the superpowers” — on the vote in parliament to recognise the Chinese state’s action against the Uyghur people as genocide. And USC will be back on the streets, outside the Chinese Embassy on Portland Place, London, at 6 pm on 5 May.

• Links and info for these and other campaigns, and suggested words for labour movement motions on many issues, here

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