Two Labour left rallies

Submitted by martin on 31 August, 2021 - 5:49
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Two online rallies of the left have been organised in the run-up to Labour conference: by Arise (Labour Assembly Against Austerity and others) on 11 September, and by Don’t Leave Organise, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Fire Brigades Union, Bakers’ Union and others on 18 September. We understand the second may also include a physical meeting.

The DLO-CLPD meeting is announced with a joint statement negotiated over a period between 16 groups of the Labour left, and seems to be aimed at producing a better mechanism than the Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance for agreeing “left slates” for internal Labour elections.

Left unity for due process and for left policies like repeal of all anti-union laws is necessary; so is a profile for a left clear against antisemitism and committed to internationalism from below.

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