Oppose the Elections Bill

Submitted by martin on 14 September, 2021 - 9:24 Author: Mohan Sen
Anti-voter suppression protest

The Elections Bill, designed to suppress turnout in UK elections, is yet another weapon in the Tories’ multi-faceted assault on democracy (Police Bill, Spycops Bill, Overseas Operations Bill, threat of a new anti-strike law).

The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) estimates that the Bill, about to return to Parliament as it reopens this month, will disenfranchise more than two million people – in addition to the millions who are already not on the electoral roll, due to successive voter-suppressing changes over many years.

Over the next decade, this latest ratcheting up of the assault on electoral democracy will cost £120 million to implement!

The Tories are acting like cut price Trumpites. They talk about tackling election fraud, a problem that essentially does not exist. The UK’s Electoral Commission says that the country has “low levels of proven electoral fraud”. In 2019, there was one conviction for impersonating another voter.

As in the US there is a racist aspect to the voter-suppression drive. Evidence suggests the ID requirement will disproportionately impact BAME voters (and women and young people).

In fact US civil rights groups have noticed and vocally condemned the UK Bill!

• ERS petition here

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