"For a Socialist Green New Deal!"

Submitted by AWL on 5 October, 2021 - 11:18
Hannah Taylor

This is Edinburgh Central CLP delegate Hannah Taylor’s speech for the left-wing Green New Deal motion the conference passed.

"Capitalism is incapable of solving the problem it’s created. Left to their own devices bosses will continue to extract profits, exploit workers, lobby governments to halt change, and argue that our demands are radical, unreasonable, unworkable.

"Do not believe corporations when they say little individual lifestyle changes are good enough. Even with a global lockdown, emissions in 2020 were only 7% less than in 2019. Only structural, systemic change can save workers here, those in global South, and climate refugees. We must forgive the debt of low-income countries so they can fund their just transitions.

"A just transition does not mean leaving workers behind, but putting our class front and centre, with retraining and funding to put skills and experience to best use in socially useful work. Born in Middlesbrough, raised in the North East, I saw the long term effects of Thatcherite deindustrialisation. We must ensure we replace fossil fuels on our own terms, redistributing the wealth that our class creates, sharing the benefits.

"We must invest to create secure, well-paid, unionised green jobs in every industry. We can renationalise the energy sector ensure a sustainable, net-zero future. At the same time as ending the scandal of “fire and rehire”, we can repeal all the anti-trade union laws, not just the 2016 Act. We should build on the Green New Deal by bringing public transport into public ownership and democratic public control, along with banking and finance.

"We need to be on the right side of history. We need to be bold and transformational, just as were in 1945 when we created the NHS. That is the kind of legacy we can leave for future generations, by tackling the biggest issue of ours. The past we inherit, the future we build.

"Conference, vote for composite 1 — for a Socialist Green New Deal!"

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