1919: strikes, struggles and soviets

Purchase below for £4.50 including postage. Video introduction here. In 1919, inspired by the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, British workers took more strike action than ever before. But communists in Britain had still not formed a united party. Labour's representation in Parliament was weak. There were similar workers' mobilisations around Europe, rebellions in the British and other empires' colonies, and soviet republics declared in Bavaria, Hungary and elsewhere. All were, in the end, defeated. But only in the end. Published to mark the centenary, this pamphlet written by Janine Booth...

How socialists think we can stop climate change

As socialists we have a different perspective from some others in the environmental movement about the way forward. This broadsheet explains our views on: * Nationalising the big energy companies. * Putting industry under democratic control. * Taxing the rich to fund renewable energy. Download the PDF here.

"How to fight elections" - the story of a class-struggle socialist Labour Party election campaign

How to fight elections is the story of Labour's election campaign in Wallasey, Merseyside, in 1987, when sacked shipyard worker and Workers' Liberty supporter Lol Duffy came within 300 votes of unseating Tory minister Linda Chalker - despite a virulent campaign by the press and sabotage by the right wing of the Labour Party. Includes the story of the campaign, pictures and a roundtable discussion between key participants. Republished in August 2016 with a foreword by Jill Mountford, Momentum steering committee and a campaigner in Wallsey in 1987 (personal capacity).

Cliff on Substitutionism

Twenty years ago Trotsky was assassinated. The best tribute one can pay to this great revolutionary, who so despised all cant, would be a critical study of some of his ideas. We offer the following study of one problem he so brilliantly posed as a very young man, a problem that plagued him for the rest of his life, and that is still with us: the problem of the relation between party and class, and the danger of the former substituting for the latter. Quite early in his political activity, when only 24 years old, Trotsky prophesied that Lenin’s conception of party organisation must lead to a...

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