Workers' Liberty 12-13, August 1989

Workers' Liberty 12/13, August 1989: contents

The road to Tienanmen Square: Workers and Students in China, by Jack Cleary In defence of the French revolution, by Martin Thomas Social Democracy goes Thatcherite: Kinnock and the market, by Ruth Cockroft New Times or class struggle: Debate between Socialist Organiser and Marxism Today: Alan Johnson and Mark Perryman Which class rules in the USSR? A debate on the character of the Soviet Union: Robert Brenner, Oliver Macdonald, Torab Saleh, Frank Furedi, Martin Thomas C L R James: an obituary by Sean Matgamna The other Israeli: Adam Keller speaks to Workers' Liberty Class, culture, and...

A Chinese Marxist in the 1920s

Click here to download pdf A veteran Chinese Trotskyist describes his time in the Chinese Communist Party, between joining in 1925 and being expelled in 1929.

Reviews: Rushdie, Austen Morgan, Mandel, P J O'Rourke

Click here to download pdf Reviews: Edward Ellis on Salman Rushdie's "Satanic Verses" Sean Matgamna on Austen Morgan's "James Connolly" Stan Crooke on Ernest Mandel's "Beyond Perestroika" Belinda Weaver on P J O'Rourke's "Holidays in Hell" and Joe Bob Briggs's "Joe Bob goes to the drive-in"

Desmond Greaves, 1913-1988

Click here to download pdf. Obituary of a man who, as editor of the Irish Democrat from 1918 to 1948, and writer of many books, influenced Irish left-wingers in the run-up to the 1968-9 crisis possibly more than any other.

Is Scotland a colony?

Click here to download pdf. A critique of the theories of the Scottish Socialist Party of 1989. (The 1989 SSP was not organisationally related to the later SSP, founded in 1998 and still active in 2010, but its attitudes on the supposed revolutionary significance of Scottish independence were similar).

C L R James

Click here to download pdf. Obituary of the famous writer and one-time Trotskyist C L R James, who died on 31 May 1989.

A collection of short articles from Workers' Liberty 12-13, August 1989

Click here to download the pdf including all these short articles from Workers' Liberty 12-13, August 1989. Strikes in Stalinist and ex-Stalinist states; Rushdie; EU; Dock Labour scheme scrapped; more on USSR strikes; strikes in UK; abortion rights in USA; world economy; British economy; Scottish left and Assembly; independent union in China. The heirs of Stalin face the workers: In China, in Yugoslavia, in Poland, in the USSR, the working class is becoming an independent force for the first time in many decades. Rushdie and the labour movement: The Labour movement, Muslim zealots and Salman...

The working class in the second Chinese revolution

Click here to download the pdf Before 1989 the Chinese workers' movement had been crushed for 60 years. But in the 1920's it fought heroic battles, rich in lessons for today. Elizabeth Millward describes how a working class developed in China, how its struggles interlaced with those of the nationalist bourgeoisie, and why it was defeated.

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