Workers Liberty 20, April 1995

Class struggle rises in South Africa

Since the election of the Government of National Unity in South Africa last year there has been a heightened level of class struggle. Workers are fighting for an economic change to match the new political situation

Max Shachtman and his left

Review of 'Max Shachtman and his left: a socialists odyssey through the "American century"', Peter Drucker, Humanities Press, 1994.

The IS-SWP tradition 3, a symposium

A selection of writings on the International Socialist/Socialist Worker's Party tradition. The experience of the left p26 When IS turned to the workers p26 When IS turned to the workers p27 When IS turned to the workers p28 Comrades were "history's instruments" p29

The meaning of "black"

A discussion on the politics of anti-racism, the meaning of 'black' and the black British experience.

Bad lessons from Japan

In a recent report the TUC tells us that championing human resource management can be the saving of trade unions. Part one Part two

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