Ill-Health Pensions 2007

Pensions Ballot Result

There has been a massive 15-1 Yes vote for strike action to defend ill-heatlh pension entitlement. This gives a mandate for strike action by RMT members not only on London Underground, but in Metronet, TubeLines, EDF, REW and Cubic. The turnout wasn't great, though (over 11,000 were balloted)...

Defend Ill-Health Pensions

Make no mistake - the threat to dilute your right to an ill-health pension is a serious one.

At the moment, if you become too unwell to continue in your current job, your employment can be terminated on medical grounds and you will get a 10-year enhancement on your pension and no reduction for...

Stand By To Defend Your Pension

Here's the line-up of management attacks on you and your workmates' pension rights:

  • You currently get an ill-health pension if illness or injury prevent you doing your own job. Management want to change it so you only get the pension if you become unfit to do any job.
  • TfL want to appoint a so...

Hands Off Our Pensions

Management have a plan to gnaw away at your pension rights. This time, it's ill-health pensions that they're after. Rumours abound that they want to tighten the rules on eligibility, so that in future, even if you have to retire from your job because of your health, you won't neceearily get an ill...

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