Brisbane Workers' Liberty study group, December/January 2005/6

Submitted by AWL on 2 December, 2005 - 12:33

Discussion group on Working class and trade unions: Marx and today.

Dates: Tuesday 13 December 2005, Monday 2 January 2006, Monday 9 January 2006.

1. Marx on the evolution of the working class

Reading: Marx, "Capital", volume 1, chapter 15 and part of the "extra" chapter printed in the Penguin edition, "Results of the Immediate Process of Production"; and excerpts from Marx collected here.

Discussion notes.

2. The working class today

Reading: Doug Henwood, Talking about work, Monthly Review July-August 1997.
Paul Hampton, The Fight for Independent Working-Class Politics in the 'Third World'.

Discussion notes.

3. Organising young casualised workers: the relevance of the IWW experience

Reading: James P Cannon, The IWW: The Great Anticipation. Philip Foner, "History of the Labor Movement in the United States vol. 4: The Industrial Workers of the World".

Discussion notes.

This was the Brisbane Workers' Liberty study course, December/January 2005/6, a follow-up to our discussions in August/ September on Beverly Silver's book Forces of Labor.

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