The Russian Revolution, and its Fate (Vols 1 and 2)

The Russian Revolution was a great emancipatory event for the working-class until the Stalinist counter-revolution crushed it. But the real histories of (1) the revolution; (2) those who made it and then fought Stalinism until it killed them; and (3) attempts to understand an evolving Stalinism and USSR, and to build a non-Stalinised labour movement — are all hidden. They are buried beneath both Stalinist and anti-socialist lies. These three books uncover these histories, respectively.

The history described is vital for understanding how the left got to where it is, how we can purge Stalinism from our movement and rebuild an authentic socialism, and how we should think about socialist revolution.

This discounted bundle comes with a paper study guide for each of the three books. Two book combinations are also available for the first or last pairs in this set of three.

See also In Defence of Bolshevism, plus more content on the Russian Revolution and its fate.

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