Service control

Bakerloo line: off again, on again

It's been a comical - some might say farcical - day on the Bakerloo, with a flurry of public announcements from the company, each overturning the last.

The company announced that the Bakerloo would finish at 19:00, due to "a shortage of control centre staff who are having to self-isolate". The...

Hammersmith Service Control workers fight on

Hammersmith Service Control staff are forced to work in a building that’s unfit for purpose.

On top of which, they’re battling short staffing, unworkable rosters, and LU’s use of temporary staff on zero-hours contracts.

RMT has rightly declared a dispute. Any goodwill towards the company has...

Defend jobs at Hammersmith Control Centre: vote yes for action!

RMT is balloting members in the Hammersmith Control Centre for industrial action to resist job cuts.

Bosses want to impose a new roster, which will cut to SCL2 jobs, affect annual leave, and increase workload.

Despite union objections, management say they will impose the new roster...

Ballots in Service Control

Service Control workers are gearing up to ballot for action in two separate disputes.

RMT will ballot its SC members in the long-running fight to win decent conditions at the Hammersmith Service Control Centre (aka "HMP Hammersmith"), where workers are demanding conditions are brought up to...

Upgrade update: fighting displacements

With thanks to the RMT Service Control website

The first locations to feel the impact of the 4LM upgrade will be Baker Street SCC, with staff from there to be moved to HSCC. The company are proposing to move six people, which exceeds what previous management had agreed to. At the same time staff...

"HMP Hammersmith"

Reposted from the RMT Service Control website.

Prior to opening Hammersmith Service Control Centre was promised to be a breath of fresh air for Service Control and Technical staff with a state of the art control centre and facility for all. What came to light was a poorly designed concrete block...

Victoria Service Control strike!

Following a 100% vote for strikes to oppose an intolerable culture of overbearing management, service controllers on the Victoria Line will strike on 20 and 27 March. This dispute simply won't be resolved without a fundamental change in management culture.

With numerous workplace issues causing...

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