Socialism Makes Sense (pdf, February 2018)

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Socialism makes sense (pdf)

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The economic crisis of 2008 and its aftershocks cracked the mystique which the world capitalist system had built in the two decades after the collapse of Russian and European Stalinism. For the first time in 30 years the left is on the offensive in the Labour Party.

Socialism is again on the agenda — a society based on human solidarity, social ownership of industry and banks, and on political, economic, and social democracy.

This book confronts head-on the strongest arguments against socialism now in circulation, inside the Labour Party and beyond.

It is a substantially reworked (also, much shorter and cheaper) edition of "Can Socialism Make Sense?" (2016).

Order your copies now for £6.20 including UK postage, or £5 hand-delivered.

To order bulk copies contact to arrange postage.

A number of activists in Momentum and the Labour Party have announced a campaign to stimulate discussion of socialist ideas, including promotion of the book. To order copies of this leaflet - a batch of 100 for £4 - email and send payment via the facility on this website

The first edition, entitled "Can Socialism Make Sense?" (400 pages, £12 plus postage) is still available.

Review by Paul Hampton of the first edition, entitled "Can Socialism Make Sense?"; and review by Jill Mountford of that first edition.

Study guide for the first edition (downloadable pdf)

Other material to read on socialism:

"The ABCs of Socialism", produced by Jacobin magazine
Yanis Varoufakis: "Talking to my daughter about the economy: a brief history of capitalism"
"Socialism Utopian and Scientific" by Frederick Engels
"Why Socialism?" by Albert Einstein
"The Fight for Socialism" by Max Shachtman
"Socialism on Trial", by James P Cannon

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