Solidarity 021, 9 January 2003

What should socialists say about crime?

Develop a culture of solidarity

Crime waves and gun battles sell newspapers. If you believe the media, we live in a war zone, terrorised by feral children and gangsters. Such press coverage is, in reality, a libel on working-class areas. Politicians just love the momentum this gives them to parade their "toughness" again.

Tube: not over until the fat lady sings!

By Janine Booth, Political Officer, London Transport Region RMT (personal capacity)

A MAILING from the rail union RMT to its members on the Tube has explained, over two pages, that the PPP is about to happen on London Underground and that the union will continue to fight for workers' interests once it is in place.

China: Santa's little executioners

Santa's Sweatshops
By Dan Katz

China is becoming the world's major producer of Christmas toys and decorations, making 70 percent of the world's toys. Its exports have doubled in just eight years.

also Chinese trade unionists face execution
China exported about US$1.4 billion in Christmas-related goods in the first 10 months of 2002, more than half of them to the United States.

Build a new International!

The World Social Forum will meet once more in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the end of January. Michael Albert, co-founder of the radical political website ZNet, makes a proposal.
From Korea to India, from South Africa to the US, and from Brazil/Venezuela/Argentina/Colombia to Italy and Russia, diverse struggles with varied approaches are growing rapidly:

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