Solidarity 042, 3 December 2003

Camden against Bush!

By Kate Ferguson

As Bush was being shown the very best of British hospitality by Blair, students from across the capital took to the streets on 20 November in a demonstration against Bush and the invasion of Iraq.
Students from Camden School were amongst those protesting, with approximately 100 members of the sixth form having defiantly walked out of lessons at midday. This translates into one in four students not returning to their afternoon lessons. It created a buzz of debate within the school.

Marx and Trotsky T-shirts

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Marx: with quote 'The emancipation of the working class must be the act of the workers themselves.'
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Trotsky: with 'Third Camp' quote
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Behind the news: Deadlock in Belfast

In the Northern Irish elections, Sinn Fein has emerged as the biggest party on the Catholic-Nationalist side and their political polar opposites, Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party, as the biggest party on the Protestant-Unionist side.

Workers and students unite

Between 17-21 November protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) negotiations took place in Miami, with thousands traveling to the city to join local activists in demonstrating against the agreement and the consequences of free trade.

Stop the repression in Argentina!

Argentine police attacked the workers and their supporters on 25 November in scenes reminiscent of the military dictatorship. The assault took place in Neuquén, where members of the Unemployed Workers Movement (MTD) and the local neighbourhood assembly in San Lorenzo barrio were trying to meet.

A Trotskyist in Israel writes

I am a 23 year old Israeli Trotskyist. It is good to read your reports and analyses, including the ones on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I must say it is refreshing to find out that there is a revolutionary left in Britain that does not seek to "destroy" the state of Israel and establish a "secular and democratic state of Palestine". As a revolutionary socialist, this is certainly not my political aim.

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