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Six Issues of Our Weekly Newspaper, Solidarity

Solidarity: Defend And Extend Free Movement
24 pages

The latest virus surge and lockdown limit street protests, stalls, and in-person meetings — where we normally sell many papers. During lockdown, we're compensating with a discounted trial subscription (UK post only). We'll mail you our weekly newspaper Solidarity for 6 weeks at the price of 2. Pupport our work; follow our coverage and debates properly.


The latest lockdown and virus surge has scuppered our street stalls, and scuppered in-person meetings across the trade union and labour movement. It has made left-wing street protests rare.

To get Solidarity out to as many readers as possible, we’re making a special offer. Pay £2, and we’ll send you six issues of the paper by post.

“Oh, I’ll read it online”? Research indicates that the bulk of reading online is skim-reading. Agree with what Solidarity says or disagree, you can’t get a proper picture of it without having the actual printed paper to read.

We’ll make a financial loss on each £2 extra-special sub, but we’re making a bet that enough readers will decide to continue subscribing after their first six issues, and our recent fund-raising enables us to make the bet.

We're currently printing in A4 format, due to decreased physical circulation. But it is 24 pages rather than the usual tabloid 16, so we don’t suffer such a drastic loss of available wordcount.

Our Zoom meetings, YouTube videos, and Soundcloud audios are of course continuing, to maximise political exchanges and discussion in lockdown.

Those are not substitutes for attentive reading of the printed weekly paper, but complements.

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