Stop Job Cuts

No more cleaning cuts!

Word reaches Tubeworker HQ that ABM has been salami-slicing its staffing levels at a number of stations... again.

At Oxford Circus, for example, the contractor wants to have just two cleaners on the 07:00-15:00 shift, a ludicrous proposition given the size of the station and the workload involved...

Stations Left Unstaffed

It seems that stations are being left unstaffed through deliberate choice by management. On several occasions, staff were willing to work overtime to ensure the station was staffed, only for management to turn them down.

The dangers of this are obvious: operational incidents uncovered, passengers...

"Four Key Areas"? One Key Response: Fight Back!

A new video on Yammer from Director of Customer Operations Nick Dent, the top boss for stations and trains, reminds us that the "four key areas" LU is looking at for ways to save money (i.e., make cuts) are "vacancies and recruitment", "our ways of working", "enhanced use of technology", and "a...

Night Tube jobs robbery

London Underground has unilaterally incorporated Night Tube train operator duties into full-time train operators' rosters, consolidating the former TO23 (Night Tube) and TO21 (full-time) T/Op grades into a single grade.

This will mean fewer train operator jobs, increased night and weekend working...

Fight over job cuts: Bakerloo drivers vote for strikes

RMT drivers at Queen's Park depot have voted by a 99% majority for strikes to stop job cuts, after an active campaign to get the vote out.

LU bosses want to cut the workforce by around 10%. Although RMT reps have already won a guarantee that no driver will be displaced, the union is rightly...

Bakerloo ballot underway

Drivers in RMT at Queen's Park depot have commenced their ballot for industrial action to stop job cuts. LU wants to slash the workforce at the depot by more than 10%.

LU claims the cuts are necessary due to a service reduction. But local union reps have continually pressed the company to "open...

Queen's Park drivers ballot for strikes

We've previously reported on LU's plan to slash around 10% of the driver workforce at Queen's Park depot.

Negotiations over the issue have hit the wall, and RMT's Bakerloo branch has now declared a ballot of Queen's Park drivers for action to resist the cuts.

The ballot runs from 25 March to 8...

Fight job cuts at Queen's Park!

RMT's Bakerloo branch is planning a campaign to resist attempts to cut the train driver workforce at Queen's Park depot by 10%. LU wants to reduce the rostered driver establishment from 101 to 90, and the number of pool drivers from six to five.

Although management claim the cuts have nothing to...

Defend jobs at Hammersmith Control Centre: vote yes for action!

RMT is balloting members in the Hammersmith Control Centre for industrial action to resist job cuts.

Bosses want to impose a new roster, which will cut to SCL2 jobs, affect annual leave, and increase workload.

Despite union objections, management say they will impose the new roster...

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