OILC poll results

Submitted by Janine on 18 October, 1991 - 12:34

Percentage of employees who believe that the workers would be more effectively represented by a single industrial union:
TU Members: 85%
Non Unionists: 81%
Total: 83%

Percentage of employees who would consider joining an industrial trade union which represented all offshore workers regardless of occupation:
TU Members: 82%
Non Unionists: 62%
Total: 71%

Percentage of employees who are trade unionists who feel their trade union adequately represents its members offshore:

Percentage of employees who feel the OILC have successfully represented the feelings of offshore workers during the last 3 years:
TU Members: 75%
Non Unionists: 50%
Total: 61%

Percentage of employees who feel that the OILC and their supporters over the last 3 years has been responsible for improving:
(a) wage rates offshore 59%
(b) safety standards offshore 47%
(c) general working conditions offshore 36%

Trade union members - 45%; non trade union members - 55%

This poll was carried out by RGIT student Mark Gibson for the OILC. He interviewed some 524 offshore workers at the GAF terminal in Dyce. It shows that some 83% of offshore workers want an industrial union.

From Blowout

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