The things the "yes socialists" say

Submitted by on 9 August, 2002 - 10:59

The euro will make it easier for British workers who work in Europe.

This marginal reform value of the euro is far outweighed by the consequences of advocating the labour movement endorse the euro. The euro is not just a discreet, small measure - it is giant step towards capitalist integration which at this time necessarily means a package of cuts and privatisations. We cannot be seen, as we will if we say yes, to endorse those attacks.

Being in the eurozone will bring British workers more jobs.

This is the argument of some of the trade unions. They may or may not be right. However, the workers' movement should not look at the issue as "what's in it for us".
Our attitude should be: with or without the euro it is possible and necessary to fight for jobs across Europe. These jobs should be paid at least at a standard, decent minimum wage. The multinationals should pay for any economic slump - which may come soon in Europe.

Advocate vote yes, but with no illusions. Then we will be relating to the endorsement of Europe expressed in a yes vote.

Of course we applaud positive pro-European feeling. However working class internationalism is not expressed by advocating a yes vote. The yes camp is a policy of British capitalists who, have no compunction at being "nationalist" - keeping out refugees, or competing for profits with "rival" European capitalists. The argument is not the same as when we advocated a vote for the Labour Party everywhere.

Labour was some years ago, through a more open and equal relationship with the trade unions, the political wing of the labour movement. It was possible, through the unions and other mechanisms, to influence and change Labour policy. The euro on the other hand is, in Britain, an institution which will only help serve the needs of capitalists. There is no direct connection and parallel here.

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