Shopworkers: Bonus cuts strike

Submitted by AWL on 12 January, 2008 - 7:02

Shop workers have been on strike in Berlin (and other parts of Germany) — a number of supermarket chains, department stores, the biggest bookshop chain, and also H&M.

The employers want to abolish the bonuses for late and Sunday shifts — 20% bonus after 6.30pm Monday-Friday, 50% bonus after 8pm, 120% bonus on Sundays and public holidays, 20% bonus on Satudays after 4.30pm. These bonuses make up a lot on top of the basic pay. When abolished, a full time worker would lose 180 Euro per month (or the equivalent in time).

The union have attempted to hold talks with the employers since January. They refuse. The union are also demanding a 6.5% pay rise (on top of the retention of bonuses).

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