Unison elections

Submitted by AWL on 25 April, 2008 - 9:24

Members of the public service union Unison should have already received ballot papers for the Service Group Executive (SGE) elections being held now.

The activist left is standing on a platform of fighting the pay cuts now rather than at some date in the future. A vote for the left might make all the difference to how much money is in members’ pockets during the next three years!

For once, there is a decent degree of left unity in these elections. There is only one definite clash, in the London local government general seat. Glenn Kelly of the Socialist Party is standing against United Left candidate Dave Eggmore. Given the importance of maximising votes for the left on these committees, we are opposing Glenn on this occasion. (He already has a seat and a vote on the Service Group Exec, as a member of the Unison National Executive).

Where there is a choice, vote for a candidate committed to making the union fight for its members and the services they provide! Workers’ Liberty is backing the following candidates in the contested seats:

Health: East Midlands (General Seat): Nick Holden Sharon Vasselin (female seat); London: Janet Maiden and Len Hockey; North West: Caroline Bedale; Yorkshire and Humberside: Adrian O’Malley.

Higher Education: Matt Raine.

Local Government: East Midlands region: Vicky Ingram and Marc Glasscoe; London: David Eggmore and Sonia Howard; South West, Jeremy Guise and Amanda Brown; Scotland, Duncan Smith; West Midlands, Dave Hughes; Yorkshire and Humberside: John McDermott and Vicky Perrin.

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