Ballot on BT pensions

Submitted by martin on 19 December, 2008 - 7:25

BT PENSIONS: CWU and Connect unions are conducting a consultative ballot of their members from 27 November to 18 December. The leaderships want members to accept a pension review they have negotiated with BT. BT employees should reject this deal.

CWU and Connect members opposing the pension deal are campaigning for a “no” vote in the ballot, pointing out that the deal will mean:

• increasing normal retirement age from 60 to 65;

• moving to a scheme based on career average earnings rather than final salary;

• increasing contributions from workers themselves.

The union leaderships claim that making these changes safeguards the scheme as a whole, but what it is really about is BT safeguarding profits at employees' expense.

There is substantial opposition to the changes at branch level.

Campaign against it! More details from:

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