Standing against Harriet Harman

Submitted by martin on 16 January, 2009 - 9:47 Author: Mark Osborn

The Alliance for Workers’ Liberty plans to stand against the Labour Party’s deputy leader, Harriet Harman, in the next general election. Harman is MP for the working-class constituency of Camberwell and Peckham in south east London.

As Secretary of State for Social Security, Harman fronted-up New Labour’s attacks on the welfare state following the 1997 election. She has slavishly followed Blair and then Brown, and voted for the Iraq war.

In 2008 Harman toured her constituency in a stab vest, with a police escort, neatly summing up her contempt for, and distance from, the people she is supposed to represent.

The AWL will run Jill Mountford. Jill has been part of the Trotskyist movement for 25 years. Jill declared, “Working-class people need political representatives who will fight for their class interests. Harriet Harman is a leading part of the New Labour government, a bosses’ government which acts for the rich, against the poor and the working class.”

Jill’s campaign starts on the weekend of 24-25 January with canvassing and leafleting from 12 noon, both days.

If you are able to join Jill and the AWL campaigning for socialist politics in Peckham phone us on 0207 207 3997 or email us.

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