For two states and workers' unity!

Submitted by cathy n on 29 January, 2009 - 1:18

In the last issue of Solidarity, we called for a campaign to make solidarity with the Palestinians on a rational, internationalist basis, fighting for a two-state settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and making solidarity with working-class and democratic forces against political Islam as well as the Israeli ruling class.

We want a rank-and-file committee of those committed to two states, peace and workers’ unity across the borders.

Such a movement could provide a pole of attraction for all those who rightly identify with the Palestinians but are alarmed by the Arab and Islamic chauvinist politics endorsed by the leaders of the Palestine solidarity movement.

In the coming weeks and months, Workers’ Liberty will be pursuing discussion and joint work with others in pursuit of this goal. As a contribution towards it, we have produced a joint statement with the Worker-communist Party of Iraq. Please add your or your organisation’s name and circulate it as widely as possible.


As internationalists, socialists and secularists, we opposed the Israeli offensive in Gaza and oppose Israel's continuing oppression of the Palestinians.

We call for:

• Israel to stop its war on the Palestinians and withdraw immediately from Gaza and the West Bank;

• Israel to withdraw to the 1967 borders and concede a genuinely sovereign, independent Palestine state in contiguous territory — a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with the same rights as Israel, with full equality for minorities on both sides.

We believe that the working class and internationalist socialists in Israel and in the Arab countries should advocate peace and working-class unity across all the divides, on the basis of Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories and a two-state settlement.

We advocate such a settlement as an important step in resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict and removing a major obstacle to the working-class struggle for socialism in the Middle East.

The working class must oppose and fight both the Israeli chauvinists and religious-nationalist parties on one side, and political Islam and the Arab and Islamic chauvinists on the other.

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