The real Ann Widdecombe

Submitted by Matthew on 9 February, 2011 - 4:23

Ann Widdecombe has become something of a “national treasure” after her performance on Strictly Come Dancing. She has been praised for her “good nature and resourcefulness”. Voted back week on week showed people were actually warming to her.

But Ann Widdecombe who has been a Tory MP in Maidstone since 1987, is a supporter of “social conservatism” — read social engineering.

She is a dedicated anti abortionist, has opposed every equality measure concerning homosexuality in Parliament and defended the policy of shackling pregnant women to their hospital beds.

She is a “true blue”: Tory in her commitment to family values and her conservatism can be clearly seen in her late in life conversion to Catholicism after the Anglican church conceded on the ordination of women priests.

Oh, and Ann Widdecombe has campaigned for the Tories to adopt a policy of employer led private insurance to cover health care — a USA type system.

Ann Widdecombe a walking talking advertisement for true Toryism and a mean spirited, anti-feminist, narrow-minded, nasty bigot to boot. That’s the real Ann Widdecombe.

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