A view of Bahrain

Submitted by AWL on 20 April, 2011 - 12:59

People in Bahrain are expecting the worst every moment. The military crackdown on protesters led by Saudi troops has unleashed an ugly racist face.

Bahrain was always a liberal country and the ruling regime itself is a secular tribe. But as a tribe, it had a problem with equality and justice. Other citizens, not in tribes, found themselves lost as they were treated as second or third class citizens.

The ruling regime has always monopolised the nation’s natural resources and wealth — citizens who founded Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and other companies found themselves deprived of their real rights.

It was no surprise that Bahrainis were one of the first to rise against their regime. They maintained a peaceful tone throughout; but what happens when Bahrain becomes a Saudi protectorate?

Bahrainis are made up of four main ethnicities: Baharna (Arab Shia 60%), Howala (Iranian Sunnis 20%), Ajam (Iranian Shias 10%) and finally tribes (Arab Sunnis 10%).

In the aftermath of the crackdown, the military led governmental bodies have stepped towards discrimination against Shias of Arab and Iranian ethnicities. It’s clear that the Saudi troops want to pull Bahraini people towards a sectarian swamp where hatred predominates.

In one interview on a Wahabi TV channel a Saudi general said: “It’s our land, we the Sunnis, no place here for Christians, Jews or Majoos.” (Majoos is an old religion which was prominent in Iran before Islam spread. Some sectarian people use the word Majoos to derogate Shias and link them with Iran). These chants can result in a call to ethnically cleanse Shias.

Bahrain TV (BTV) and Facebook regime pages have broadcast about protesters describing them as traitors. On BTV, the names and pictures of protesters were broadcasted before arrests. 112 teachers and school staff were sacked.

The prime minister has explained, “We won’t forgive anyone any more, no matter how many apologies they present”. Nooh Najaf, the captain of Bahrain’s national basketball team, was investigated on BTV, and then arrested. To everyone’s surprise he had his Bahraini nationality withdrawn! The regime is so desperate it will lead a land with no national citizens!

In recent weeks four detainees passed away in prison with their corpses covered in bruises and evidence of torture. The Home Office has always denied any torture or sometimes the imprisonment of prisoners until deaths are announced.

Among the prisoners are 14 women.

Interestingly, 12 hospital doctors were arrested for being active and helping injured people, when the casualties couldn’t reach the hospital without being stopped and investigated at the hospital entrance.

As many as 90 Bahraini students abroad are not safe from Bahrain’s regime. They had their funding to universities stopped because some evidence shows they supported calls for reforms and democracy!

The verdict has been already announced; they are all plotting with Iran against Bahrain’s regime! Iran seemed to be a good enough excuse to excuse all the anti-human acts led by Saudi troops.

Without Saudi army troops, the Bahraini regime couldn’t get back any control over Bahrain. Yet the question remains whether the Bahraini regime could make a deal with any opposition party or group. There is a huge political gap that couldn’t be filled even by opportunistic parties or people.

The ethnic cleansing that is currently going on will result in a civil war in future, even without the army being part of it.

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