No Trident replacement!

Submitted by Matthew on 7 November, 2012 - 7:00

£83.5 billion to buy a like-for-like replacement for Britain’s Trident nuclear-armed submarines — the Tories say they still want to spend it, despite saying there is no money for hospitals, schools and benefits!

The Lib-Dems say there could be a cheaper option. The government coalition plans no decision this side of a 2015 election.

The media report hints that Ed Miliband and Labour will go for the cheaper-nuclear-weapons option.

Yet nuclear weapons, even cheaper, can only “defend” by threatening mass murder of civilians. Labour should oppose them outright.

93 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion (in effect, a petition signed by MPs: it doesn’t get debated) for scrapping British nuclear weapons.

Most are Labour, but the 93 include a fair few Lib Dems.

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