Striking for pensions and travel pass equality

Submitted by Matthew on 7 November, 2012 - 9:05

Tube Lines maintenance and engineering workers held a lively picket line at the Stratford Market Place depot in east London as they struck to win pensions and travel pass equality.

Workers said that there was a strong mood to fight now that the dispute had resume after being on hold over the summer.

The strike succeeded in forcing the postponement and rescheduling of planned engineering work on the Northern Line. Pickets at Stratford said that they thought that action such as the 48-hour overtime ban which follows the strike would be particularly effective in keeping up pressure on management, as it would build up a backlog of maintenance work.

Most strikers said they were enthusiastic about further action. The concession already won from management on staff and nominee travel passes, which they had initially been intransigent about, has shown that it's possible to make the bosses budge.

Strengthening the strike committee, and improving its relationship to workplaces, is a vital task as the dispute goes on.

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