Sussex occupation grows

Submitted by Matthew on 13 March, 2013 - 12:00

On 28 February, students at Sussex University occupied two further buildings on their campus.

Michael, a student occupier, said: “We wanted to prove that we could occupy across campus; we will continue to do so as long as this process continues.”

University management have announced the outsourcing of 235 jobs. An occupation against the privatisation — which is uniting staff and students — is now entering its fifth week, with the university still refusing to negotiate.

Students have chosen a yellow square as their symbol, in homage to the red square used by Quebec students in 2012.

Michael said: “Management have tried to explain to the media that we’re just a small radical group of students, but more and more that myth is being dispelled.”

Students are building for a demonstration on 25 March and are calling for national support.

They hope to build links with students and workers facing privatisation across the country.

NCAFC sweeps student elections

After recent elections the newly created executive of the University of London Union (the three existing sabbaticals, a new sabbatical Women's Officer and a number of part-time officers, replacing the old Trustee Board) is heavily dominated by the left, mostly supporters of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC).

Michael Chessum, elected President in a by-election last November, was easily re-elected. Daniel Cooper was narrowly re-elected Vice President, despite a major campaign against him following his refusal to take part in official, pro-war “remembrance” ceremonies.

NCAFC have won student union elections elsewhere — at Royal Holloway, at Birmingham University at a University College London, where seven NCAFC supporters made a “clean sweep” of elections to sabbatical positions on the executive.

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